Any person who knows me knows I promote the minimalistic lifestyle, from fashion to decor. I try to embody it. This past week I scouted the dark alleys of the Internet (it really is a dark place) and came across 3 brands women should know. These South African brands are everything minimalistic and I’m here introducing them to you, the reader.
Let me bring them in.

1. Jane Sews

Designed and hand crafted in Durban, South Africa, Jane Sews offers classic linen pieces, amazing shoes; from leather penny loafers to boots and sandals that are a must have. Their felt hats and leather bags are an extension of beautiful craftsmanship that every women should have in their wardrobe.

Stock up at: Jane Sews

2. Margot Molyneux

Cape Town based women’s brand Margot Molyneux believe in simple and clean aesthetics. From the get go you know what you’re getting for your moneys worth: MINIMALISM. Neutral colours are in order here and that means you can style in whichever way you want.

Stock up at : Margot Molyneux

3. Simon + Mary

Launched in 2014, Simon and Mary is a Johannesburg based millinery. Its history spans over two continents, 70 years and four generations. This brand is all about love and their felt hats show it off. The beauty with this brand is that, they haven’t just targeted the men but they’ve managed to capture the hearts of women too. Yes, their hats are unisex. EVERYONE and ANYONE can prosper while rocking a Simon and Mary hat.

Check out their site for official stockists : Simon + Mary

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