The Northern Hemisphere is eagerly counting down the days until winter is officially over for them and they get to swap out their wardrobes for shorts, t-shirts, boat shoes, straw hats and funky shades. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and have not thought about what your winter wardrobe is going to look like, don’t read any further. If you have, continue reading knowing that you’re in good hands as you’re about to find out your Autumn/Winter essentials.

1.The Overcoat

Arguably the most important buy you’ll make for when the Winter is in full swing.The camel/khaki overcoat is an iconic piece within the menswear winter range,there’s no doubt about that. Other alternatives are your grey, navy or black versions.Military was a huge trend in A/W14 and we’ll see it popping up this season too so the olive overcoat will definitely be another option for you guys. It offers an earthier feel compared to the darker colours.


   2. The Gilet

If you do not want to overdress and add layers on layers, this is the perfect item to keep you warm during the transitional summer to autumn months. Coming in casual and formal styles, the gilet will leave you spoilt for choice. The gilet now comes in wool, cord and tweed availing itself for a more relaxed feel.

   3. Chunky Knit

Now when I speak of chunky, I speak about oversized. This item is a must have in any guys wardrobe, whether you like fitted clothes or not. It adds a different dimension to your wardrobe especially if worn with skinny jeans/pants. Try it in a cardigan, roll neck or jumper.



4. Chukka Boots

These are reminiscent of the desert boot and I’m a fan of the desert boot. They are the exact same shape and height of a desert boot but come in leather instead of suede meaning they’re easier to clean. Pair them with jeans and a tweed jacket and they look great. Dressed up or down in winter you won’t be conscience about footwear, it’s an all rounder.
(Keep an eye out for the boot alternative article)



5. Fitted Beanie

Yes, we’re here again at that very same place where many of us have stood and shrugged at the beanie, I was one of those and stood with the those who shrugged at the beanie but my view has changed about these close-fitting hats. If you want to inject colour into your wardrobe but don’t want to try it with a knit jersey or cardigan this is the perfect way to go. Go for rich hues like red, orange or mustard. Keep in mind that beanies work great for casual and semi-casual looks so steer away from them when going all formal otherwise have fun with these cosy hats during the weekend.


That said with your 5 A/W15 essentials, keep in mind that these seasons provide you with the option of layering and showcasing your true style. Tweak your wardrobe if you must but always ensure it stays true to who you are.

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