Are we ready for a connected home?


When we were younger, did we ever think about how the future would look like? Will we be the society from The Jetsons, dropping the kids off to school in flying cars? In the future, perhaps the age-old daily question – What should I wear today? – may no longer exist because your smart closet digitally plans out a week’s wardrobe and sends a notification to your connected smart watch.

Although there is still a long way to go before flying cars, talking closets and smart toasters, we have to look at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for any indication of what we can expect in the years to come – we may not be far off. The hot points of the discussion at the Vegas-based technology conference stems from this concept–The Internet of things. The Internet is no longer confined to just desktops, tablets or smartphones, it is broadening its scope into pretty much every part of consumers’ daily lives and into their homes. Google’s Nest seems to prove that smart homes are definitely on the horizon with their new SMART HOME HUB software and appliances. Smart TVs, home entertainment systems, appliances … many are on the market right now and many more are soon to come.


As the tech landscape continues to evolve and shape-shift, we need to think about how we as consumers would feel about this fast-growing trend. How interested are we in these new products and do we feel ready for all the new technology that is being introduced into our lives to make things simpler at times?

Looking at a survey performed by SurveyMonkey, it was found that 70% of consumers are interested in the concept of a connected home, with a third of the sample group not having any connected smart devices. Adding to the fact that most of the sample group found the technology to be nascent and expensive and would not be willing to utilise these connected devices until they had a more prominent history and a lower cost. This fear was coupled with the fact that some consumers felt that they were not as tech savvy as they think they need to be to interact with these appliances. From the population group, it was also found that consumers actually enjoyed the idea of a smart car and how this could benefit them.

The ideal of a Connected Car is fantastic. While driving, your car can offer a limited amount of useful information through smart digital assistant software to help you keep your eyes on the road while answering that important email or merely looking for that address for a meeting you need to attend. Through this connected system, you can also have your car perform other tasks such as pre-planning trips and music selections, before you even climb into your car. These types of advancements can assist to make life easier but then we will have additional issues such as hacking and malicious intent attacks on our connected world. Will we be able to live in an environment where these types of issues will increase and cause harm? Are we moving too quickly as a species to create an ideal society with connected green living to improve our time management and quality of life?

With all these advancements and the way that technology companies are currently moving towards the idealistic connected world, will you be a part of the revolution or against it?

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