Humility, It Is A Matter Of Self Interest…


Why is it that we, humans, tend to gravitate towards people practicing humility yet begrudge arrogant people? Why is just so much easier to trust and confide in the former as opposed to the latter? Is practicing humility not only a sign of strength and maturity but more importantly, a matter of self interest?

It is in time of reflection that I have realized that, generally, peoples’ overt behaviour tends to have a purpose, whether this decision is made consciously or unconsciously. I have come to the conclusion that being overly confident or arrogant could be used, possibly, to obfuscate some sort of weakness in one’s personality. Sometimes, it could be that one instead of being extremely confident, is extremely self-conscious or shy. Furthermore, it could mean that one -usually during a power play- is trying to intimidate all those that are around them and assert their dominance. Finally it could show a lack of restraint or control over your thoughts and actions. By this I mean that, most people have a tendency to always talk about themselves or their experiences and opinions and this is just more prevalent in supposed arrogant people. This being said, is it in one’s self interest to be overly confident and callous to all those you perceive to be below you? No, not at all. Actually the converse is true in this regard. People like being around humble people because they don’t bring out all those hidden insecurities or challenge their accomplishments and self worth. These people make others feel good about themselves by listening to them and this in turn, leads to an improved reputation, increased respect and more friendships. Examples of this in practice can be made by looking at the late Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi all of whom will forever be remembered.

Is humility now not an act that helps portray an increased level of maturity, innate self awareness, social intelligence and consideration for others, all of which could improve your ability to lead or become highly valued individuals in your immediate friend groups and beyond. If this is true then it is a good idea to have a good look at yourself and see on which side of the fence you are sitting and make improvements in your life. Humility is thus, a matter of self interest and something everybody should start taking very seriously…

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Carlos Baeta
Proudly South African. Masters student at Fordham University in New York. Entrepreneur, young leader, coffee addict and an avid Liverpool fan. Let's change the world.

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