Whether we want to admit it or not, this is the generation of fashion bloggers. It wasn’t always like this and to be honest, before some quit their jobs to pursue what they love and make it a full-time affair, fashion bloggers were the D-listers in the fashion industry. Nowadays it’s a whole different ballgame. 

fashion bloggers

Aisha Baker of ‘Baked The Blog’

The rise of fashion bloggers has become a hot topic in the fashion community and in a world that’s jammed packed, there needs to be a voice. There needs to be someone, a personality, that can triumph above the noise and communicate through the grand maize that is social media and that’s where fashion bloggers come in. But why are fashion bloggers so influential? Why do fashion lovers trust fashion bloggers more than established fashion authorities and magazines? Do they deserve to be called “celebrities”? And do they deserve the perks that come with it? No matter what you think and feel about them, it’s clear that fashion bloggers have become the new type of fashion authority.

fashion bloggers

Siyabonga Beyile of ‘The Threaded Man

Being a blogger, there is no room to hide – you need to know your stuff. You’re out there in full exposure and people realise if you know what you’re talking about within the first five minutes of looking through your social media pages and blog posts. There’s no room for error in an already crowded sphere. It’s no wonder why some fashion bloggers have a huge following. Brands are now seeing them as a credible voice in this industry, they know what they’re talking about. There’s effort in their craft. It’s what makes them influential and trusted. Fashion blogging is a job, whether it’s full-time or not and it’s one of those jobs that gives some the “celebrity status” and comes with perks like it or not. It’s the reward they get for doing what they love. 

fashion bloggers

Talya Goldberg of ‘Shades of Gold’

Hate or love them, they can’t be ignored. They’re influencing the world of fashion; big-name brands are leaving it to them to shape trends and no one is complaining. Fashion bloggers are changing the way we interact with fashion. They’re allowing us to to stay on trend with what’s happening in an ever changing industry at a no cost fee and they’re here to stay.

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