Back in 2012 when Sergeant Pepper Clothing Company (S.P.C.C) was launched, no one saw this accelerated rise coming, neither did I. Fast forward to 2015, 3 years later and they bring us their latest campaign ‘Deep In The City’ which sees them uncover the historical sites that Johannesburg has to offer.

Sergeant Pepper live by the notion “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and it’s evident in all their pieces. I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist, I appreciate minimalism in all its forms and this is one of the main reason why I’m a fan of this brand. It’s the reason why they were able to stand out, yet again, as a menswear brand. Their minimalism is subtle but evident from their shoes to their jackets. “Minimalistic details” I call it

Apart from minimalistic details, this campaign sees Sergeant Pepper teaming up with two South African creatives, Fhatuwani Mukheli of ‘I See A Different You’ and  R&B/Hip-Hop musician Johnny Cradle who both embody that simple/minimalistic feel. Founder Zak Venter had this to say about the pair, “We are inspired by creating platforms for creatives to flourish […] There was synergy with the brand from aesthetics to brand ethos, as we value the same things.”

I love what Sergeant Pepper have done for their AW15 collection. They haven’t compromised any of their values but have given us quality clothing while also stepping out of the box.

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