Standing out from the crowd is tough even more tougher when there’s different styles out there and fashion changes seasonally (read fashion vs style). You’ve been wanting to stand out with your fashion but have been struggling, struggle no more.

Here are some of the spring/summer statement pieces worth considering if you’re looking to make a statement and standing out this season.

1.Floral Shirt. 

Let me just begin by telling you that I once hated the idea of owning anything floral. It just wasn’t me. The bright hues and prints didn’t sit well with me. In fact, I would side-eye any floral shirt wearing human who came across my path. It repulsed me but that’s not the case anymore.

Here’s the the thing with floral shirts (NB ADVICE COMING UP), stay away from the ones that just absorb your complexion and all that’s left on the top half of your body is this bright coloured shirt with florals on it. Go for the abstract and digitally printed versions that strike the ideal balance between summery light-heartedness and contemporary style. The short-sleeve floral shirt is perfect here. If you decide to unleash the animal within you and go for something that’s neon coloured and long-sleeve, let me know how that works out for you.

2. Printed Shorts

This is also one of those items I’ve never liked having or wearing. Reason being, I don’t have the legs for shorts but (there’s always a but) since I decided to live in the fashion world, I’ve embraced them and my legs.

If you are an image of my old self, it’s time to banish your idea on shorts and legs. Bury those thoughts 8 feet under. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and reclaim your wardrobe.
Yes, it’s spring/summer and we tend to think of bright colours for our clothes but try going for a neutral tone short which either had polka dots or strips or even anchors on it and pair it with a bright top.

For those experienced in this section, you know how it works. Bright plain short with a white tee or neutral coloured top.

3.Ripped Jeans

Gents, these aren’t for formal occasions and will never be for them. Just stop trying to make ripped jeans a formal item. Stop.
Now that that’s out of the way I can say this, ripped jeans are the perfect item for your grunge inspired look. There a many looks to the ripped jean, it’s honestly your choice.

Advice: Avoid baggy and bootcut ripped jeans, always go for the skinny look.

4. Footwear

Let your feet do the talking or rather your shoe game. Your footwear is one of the best ways to stand out or even complete your look for these seasons.
Trainers in bold hues and patterns have risen to the top in this category and it’s easy to pull them off and make them your statement meant piece but what happens when you don’t want to go down that route? What if you want to switch up your look? Fear not, these shoes will do the job.

•Low top white/black sneaker
Fits into virtually every outfit.

•suede loafers
suede – the fabric’s natural texture brings a sense of depth and richness to coloured shoes

•desert boots

Love me desert boots, this is my go to show for probably nearly occasion (still keep a pair of brogues or Oxfords please). This show is effortless and goes well with ripped jeans. Try them out in a variety of colours.

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Picture credits : Superbalist

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