Whoever Took True Love Away has Ruined the World


We live in tough times where even love is becoming a rare commodity. I am sure you got a scare when I associated as inherent a quality as love with a commercial object that is a commodity. My general observation tells me that people no longer do things without anything in return—souls have been sold in return to favours. Jobs have been lost because of self-centred people who believe everything is all about them. Marriages have been dissolved because someone just decided to spread lies thus cause commotion in a family that was once every family’s envy. Our teachers in some parts of the country no longer teach with passion that was once the reason why many people chose teaching over other professions. It is these teachers who will even ask a poor child to pay for an extra tuition. Where has love varnished to?

We live in a world where another parent’s child can be raped and murdered in full view of passers-by and do nothing about it. We live in a country where criminals can rob a poor parent who has just left work for home and have people keep quiet about that heinous deed. We occupy part of the world where we are taught, implicitly and explicitly, that if you do not live in a mansion and drive a certain car, you are nothing. We are taught that real success is when you can be the talk of the town because of a bevy of girls that you have, in case of men. Another person can go hungry for ages despite the other economically able person knowing about that plight. A neighbour can have three cars and four houses and let their neighbour, who can’t even afford a wheelbarrow, suffer until death. Where has love gone to?

Obsession with money is another problem

While others think money makes the world come alive, I say money has eroded love in our hearts. Money has shifted the focus of what it means to be a human being. ‘We do what we do because of the love of money’, some say. We live in a country where people, young and old, obsess with being the cream of the crop so that they can be respected. We find ourselves in times where a person’s value is quantified to the balance they have in their bank accounts. Some even go as far as over working themselves and running on top of other people so that their net worth can accumulate. We live in times where girls would rather choose to be married to a financially stable guy so that their future can be secured. We live in times where young men sleep with women their mother’s age so that they can get that “prized” Carvela. We live in times where the more money you have, the more audible you become; and the more respected you are.

Climbing the ladder of success alone is still lauded

I remember early days of my student life when I knew I had a potential to be a somebody in my community. I would yearn for opportunities but only to learn that they were only reserved for a select few. There was a fellow student who was the talk of the town at that time; the problem, however, was his inability to share information when asked how he did it. He only wanted to succeed alone. It was at that time that I learnt that there are people who will only be happy when they are the ones who succeed. That experience taught me that sustainable success on your part is one that is shared among people. In a world of love people share what they have with those who want the slice of success.

Let us be people of love, kindness and gratitude and people of forgiveness. Let us be people who share each other’s burdens. Let us keep others in our prayers as we kneel down in prayers. Love conquers everything.

About the Author

Lehlohonolo Mofokeng
Lehlohonolo is an aspiring world class township school commerce teacher. He is currently busy with a master's degree in Education at Wits University as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar

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  1. Tshepiso Modise | June 7, 2015 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    Inspiring…. !!!

  2. Tshepiso Modise | June 7, 2015 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    Inspiring…. !!!

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