Young graduate- Humble yourself and value learning over money


After completing your formal education, you inevitably enter into a world that values your practical knowledge. That is, a world that pays you to add value to a start-up or organization. The trick for graduates is to quickly bridge this gap and successfully transition into this world.

No doubt, this can be a harrowing prospect for an ambitious university student who has dreams of success and forging their desired career path. For me, in preparation for this, I deem it important to humble and completely immerse yourself in the learning and development process.

Humble yourself

I have noticed that when someone is encountered with something totally off tangent to their spheres of understanding & experiences, they can become rigid and stubborn. Indoctrined in a certain way of thinking, new possibilities are often shut down and valuable lessons and skills that could’ve been learnt are overlooked.

I believe that when you enter the working world as a graduate, your task is to immerse yourself in the process and learn and develop as much as possible. You need to humble yourself and learn from everybody who has dedicated significant time to his or her craft. You need to have a mentality in which you aim to leverage off their advice and experience and make it relevant to you.

You need to forget about all of your preconceptions that have the ability to make your thinking rigid. Rather, you need to continuously identify and interact with mentors and begin to understand your organizations culture as much as possible. Maintain an open mind, fill yourself with curiosity and stay hungry to learn.

Value learning over money

As humans, our thoughts tend to gravitate towards the things that we value most. If it were money and status that we desire, we would surely choose a job that offers both.

The danger here is that you will get put in a position in which there is significant pressure to perform and match your pay cheque. Making a mistake becomes too costly and you will find yourself becoming extremely self-absorbed whilst trying to impress the supposed “right people”.

With the fear of failure ingrained in your psyche, you develop a cautious and conservative outlook that you take with you throughout your career. This becomes a hindrance as you continue to progress and more is expected of you.

In light of this observation, I believe that one should rather, value the learning process and experience over money when they start working.

“Follow your passion, and the money will come” is a valuable lesson to learn early on in your career.


Young graduate, your aim should be to set out on the path of continuous expansion. Be proactive and develop your leadership skills. The aim should be to feel a lot more fulfilled in a career that offers significant job satisfaction and constant stimulation.

The world is as your feet. Don’t make the mistake to think that money now will lead to more in the future. You need to continue add value whilst remaining true to yourself. The only way to do this is to take the time and develop skills that are relevant to where you want to be.

Young graduate, trust the process. I believe in you…

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Carlos Baeta
Proudly South African. Masters student at Fordham University in New York. Entrepreneur, young leader, coffee addict and an avid Liverpool fan. Let's change the world.

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